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“Once upon a time…”, you need to connect at your WebUI Nextcloud, with your ids. Normal!

But, this day, you cant: impossible to connect. You’re redirected on login?redirect_url=/apps/files/ and your ids are asked again! Booo.

“You’re under a loop login!”


Check :

  • read an write permissions on thoses folders:
    • netcloud : 0750
    • cache : 0755
    • and, for the sessions PHP: 0750 seems to be functional, else 0755.
  • user rights on same folders: those of your web user and group; default, on OpenBSD www, but this depends on your web architecture (i.e, Apache, Nginx, etc) and your OS .


On OpenBSD, I noticied this little problem: after a PHP upgrade, user rights on folders cache, tmp in the chroot are reset for root:daemon and 0700 with sticky bit.

It seems necessary to set at the web user, web group and change again read and write permissions to 0755.