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Devuan: Opensmtpd Client Auth

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OpenSMTPD is a free implementation of the SMTP protocol, as defined in RFC 5321 , with some additional standard extensions. It allows the machines to exchange mail.

OpenSMTPD is a part the OpenBSD base system. It was ported to others OSes, as Devuan.


Q : Why do I use OpenSMTPD?

Because, OpenSMTPD is:

  • easy to config : only one file text!
  • recognized as reliable AND secure.

Fully functional and tested on:

  • Debian Sid, Devuan Ceres
  • Linux Mint


apt install opensmtpd

  • the file log: /var/log/mail.log


  • The file config: /etc/smtpd.conf

To send a mail by SMTP to a mail service requiring identification, it is necessary to first create a file secrets with the appropriate rights on your system, then we have to configure the file smtpd.conf.

File secrets

To create the secrets file:

$ mkdir -p .config/mail $ touch .config/mail/secrets $ chmod 0640 .config/mail/secrets

Then, it’s necessary to write: identifiant username:password Do Not Write TEXTUALLY this information , replace with:

  • identifiant: your choosed id — this will use later on your config file.
  • username: usually, your email.
  • password: the password for your email identification.

File smtpd.conf

Now, edit the config file /etc/smtpd.conf

#	$OpenBSD: smtpd.conf,v 1.10 2018/05/24 11:40:17 gilles Exp $

# This is the smtpd server system-wide configuration file.
# See smtpd.conf(5) for more information.

table aliases file:/etc/aliases
table secrets file:/home/your-id/.config/mail/secrets

queue compression

# To accept external mail, replace with: listen on all

listen on localhost

action "local" maildir alias <aliases>
action "relay" relay host smtp+tls://identifiant@server auth <secrets> mail-from "@your-domain.tld"

# Uncomment the following to accept external mail for domain "example.org"
# match from any for domain "example.org" action "local"
match for local action "local"
match from local for any action "relay"


So compared to the original version, we added:

  • the line table secrets: it call the secrets file — write your custom filename.
  • the line action relay: to define the necessary action to send emails to the server.
    • NOTE about identifiant@serveur:
      • you have to replace the string identifiant by your created.
      • and too, to replace the serveur by the name of SMTP server.
    • the string smtp+tls is the used protocol to connect at the SMTP server. others protocols are:
      • lmtp: to connect on a LMTP session.
      • smtp: to attempt a connection with a STARTTLS session, if possible.
      • smtp+tls: to force the connection on a STARTTLS session.
      • smtp+notls: to use a plain text SMTP session without TLS.
      • smtps: to force the connexion via TLSdefault port: 465
      • with no specified protocol, the connection will be done on the default port: 25.
    • the string auth: to specify the secrets table.
    • the string mail-from: to specify the domain name to use.
    • the line match … action "relay": this is the action that will be triggered to send the emails.


About aliases system:

It is interesting to manage the alias related to your root account or even that of your main user…

Edit the file /etc/aliases, with rights admin. At the end of file, modify root with your desired address email. Do the same for your system user. ;)

And, do not forget to reload the aliases base, with the command newaliases!



Now, restart the service: # service opensmtpd restart



  • echo "Test to send email on $(hostname); date: $(date)" | mail -s "Email test" email
  • or, echo "Test to send email on $(hostname); date: $(date)" | mail -s "Email test" root

For all cases, the log will display messages, as:

Apr 27 09:16:47 pc-z smtpd[1718]: 09cca279ca1178e4 smtp connected address=local host=***
Apr 27 09:16:47 pc-z smtpd[1718]: 09cca279ca1178e4 smtp message msgid=85868a25 size=474 nrcpt=1 proto=ESMTP
Apr 27 09:16:47 pc-z smtpd[1718]: 09cca279ca1178e4 smtp envelope evpid=85868a25fcb1569a from=<my-id@***> to=<my-id@***>
Apr 27 09:16:47 pc-z smtpd[1718]: 09cca279ca1178e4 smtp disconnected reason=quit
Apr 27 09:16:51 pc-z smtpd[1718]: 09cca27892fa38ea mta delivery evpid=85868a25fcb1569a from=<my-id@huc.fr.eu.org> to=<email@nom-de-domaine.tld> rcpt=<my-id@***> source="" relay=" (lautre.net)" delay=4s result="Ok" stat="250 2.0.0 Ok: queued as 53C92112839"
Apr 27 09:17:02 pc-z smtpd[1718]: 09cca27892fa38ea mta disconnected reason=quit messages=2

Now, you can send email from console/terminal or yours scripts shell with SMTP authentification!


Look the different possible errors on my article OpenBSD: configure smtpd.conf to auth email client (≥ v6.4)


The SMTP protocol defined by RFC 5321:

RFC 5321

IETF Tools
RFC Editor