pfstat on OpenBSD: analyze stream on IPv4 and IPv6 through PF

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pfstat is a project made by Daniel Hartmeir to generate graphic statistiques about the network stream through the firewall PF.

⇒ Environnement:

  • OpenBSD : 6.9 ⇒ 7.1


Usual: # pkg_add pfstat pfstatd

pfstatd is not essential for a simpliest configuration. It becomes interesting to run with dedicated user.



Assuming that the network interface is em0, we need to modify /etc/pf.conf to add:

set loginterface em0


Configure pfstat is not complicated. By installing the package, the file config is created, as instance on /etc/pfstat.conf.

You need to change the web directory where the future images will be create.

# sed -i -e 's/sis0/em0/g;s/benzedrine.cx/pfstat/g' /etc/pfstat.conf

This change all lines where:

  • sis0 interface by em0
  • the folder benzedrine.cx by our future directory pfstat.

Next, you need to configure the crontab of root to run pftstat.

*  * * * * -ns /usr/local/bin/pfstat -q -d /var/db/pfstat/pfstat.db
*/15 * * * * -ns /usr/local/bin/pfstat -p -d /var/db/pfstat/pfstat.db
30 0 * * * -ns /usr/local/bin/pfstat -t 30 -d /var/db/pfstat/pfstat.db
  • first line executed every minute to analyze the network stream and save on database
  • second line generate the images every 15 minutes
  • third will delete every data, at 0:30, datas older than thirty days.

⇒ Create the future folder of the database:

# mkdir -p /var/db/pfstat/

Voila: a minimum functional configuration.

Now, we will create a user system, without right, no password to manage both daemon and package.


Create the user _pfstat is usefull to start daemon pfstatd and after to use the binary pfstat:

# useradd -s /sbin/nologin -d /var/db/pfstat  _pfstat
# chown _pfstat /var/db/pfstat


Just enable, set, and active the daemon:

# rcctl enable pfstatd
# rcctl set pfstatd flags -u _pfstat -a
# rcctl start pfstatd

We have not set port number; by default is 9999.

Tools, like nc, help to assume service is run correctly, like: nc localhost 9999 — normally, stats are displayed, line by line; if not the case, you have one problem…

pfstatd and PF

I strongly encourage you to block into OpenBSD firewall, all connections on the pfstatd service!

A rule like the following should be sufficient:

block drop in on ! lo0 proto tcp to port 9999

pfstat and _pfstat

Now, we need to reconfigure how using pfstat with the user _pfstat.

  1. First time, we need to comment or delete all writings into the crontab of the root.
  2. and set that of the user _pfstat :
    • create a filenamed crontab4pfstat, with those rules:
*  * * * * -ns /usr/local/bin/pfstat -q -d /var/db/pfstat/pfstat.db -r
*/15 * * * * -ns /usr/local/bin/pfstat -p -d /var/db/pfstat/pfstat.db
30 0 * * * -ns /usr/local/bin/pfstat -t 30 -d /var/db/pfstat/pfstat.db

Little explaination:

  • option -r followed by the loopback address: to remote the statistics and save them on the database.

Now, add the file content crontab4pfstat into the _pfstat user crontab:

# crontab -u _pfstat crontab4pfstat

Monitoring _pfstat

It exists differents ways to monitoring the _pfstat user activity:

  • top -U _pfstat :
load averages:  0.05,  0.38,  0.38                                      
56 processes: 54 idle, 2 on processor                                   
CPU0 states:  0.0% user,  0.0% nice,  0.0% sys,  0.0% spin,  0.0% intr,  100% idle
Memory: Real: 84M/5985M act/tot Free: 9778M Cache: 2757M Swap: 0K/32G

16833 _pfstat    2    0  700K  984K sleep/6   netcon    0:00  0.00% pfstatd

$ fstat -u _pfstat -n
USER     CMD          PID   FD  DEV      INUM        MODE   R/W    SZ|DV
_pfstat  pfstatd    16833   wd  4,0         2        40755    r      512
_pfstat  pfstatd    16833    0  4,0     27162        20666   rw    2,2  
_pfstat  pfstatd    16833    1  4,0     27162        20666   rw    2,2  
_pfstat  pfstatd    16833    2  4,0     27162        20666   rw    2,2  
_pfstat  pfstatd    16833    3  4,0     27028        20600    r   73,0  
_pfstat  pfstatd    16833    4* internet stream tcp 0x0

$ ps aux -U _pfstat
_pfstat  16833  0.0  0.0   700   984 ??  I       1:19AM    0:00.02 /usr/local/bin/pfstatd -u _pfstat -a

Those commands confirm that:

  • pfstatd is started and managed by the user _pfstat.
  • the daemon listen on local interface, on number port 9999, is waiting a connection — on these examples.

Now, configure httpd:


Start to create the needed folder:

# mkdir -p /var/www/htdocs/pfstat/

Next, add the following directives to the file configuration /etc/httpd.conf, as:

types {
    include "/usr/share/misc/mime.types"

server "pfstat" {
	listen on port 80
	location "/pfstat/" {
		directory auto index
		root "/htdocs/"


Check the configuration, and enable and start the service:

# rcctl enable httpd
# httpd -n && rcctl start httpd

Now, we can consult locally, at: http://localhost/pfstat


(another time… but it’s not the final time of)

httpd and _pfstat

Add the _pfstat user to the web group and change the user rights on the web directory:

# usermod -G www _pfstat
# chown -R _pfstat:www /var/www/htdocs/pfstat


PFstats is my little projet: create a responsive webpage to consult easier the created images by pfstat.

It is designed to analyze hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly statistics.

Here one screenshot:

Screenshot of 'pfstat.hml' webpage
Screenshot of 'pfstat.hml' webpage



pfstat.conf is configured:

  • to analyze IPv4 and IPv6, with the interface em0
  • to view the hourly, daily, weekly, monthly graphics
  • to publish on web directory: /var/www/htdocs/pfstat.

You need to copy into /etc.



Copy all .css, .js and .html files on the web directory.


⇒ The shell script transform/convert images JPEG to the Avif and Webp format.

You need to install libavif, and libwebp packages.


  • add _pfstat user to your user group, and
  • chmod needed rights to the script
# usermod -G userid _pfstat
# chmod 0750 /home/userid/folder/pfstats/convert-img.sh

pfstats and crontab

You need to modify the second line on the _pfstat crontab:

15 * * * * -ns /usr/local/bin/pfstat -p -d /var/db/pfstat/pfstat.db; /dir/convert-img.sh

pfstats and httpd

To manage correctly both images format (avif and webp), it may be necessary to slightly modify the configuration of httpd, to add:

image/avif	avif


types {
    include "/usr/share/misc/mime.types"

    image/avif	avif

⇒ To check the support of the webp format:

$ grep webp /usr/share/misc/mime.types
image/webp						webp

If the command not display result, we nee to add image/webp webp into the directive types. Since OpenBSD 6.9, it’s normally not needed!


ALTQ-style queues not supported anymore

The complete message is: /etc/pfstat.conf:61: ALTQ-style queues not supported anymore

It seems, by default, that the queues analyze is not possible. Delete or comment all relevent lines.

dbopen: /var/db/pfstat/pfstat.db: No such file or directory

Check if the folder is created!


(the final count… is down!the final countdown!)


⇒ Those formats are supported by: